Members Layout –Lynton Road

Owner Duncan Croser.

 Passed to new owner to make space for a new project.


Arlington (named Lynton Road), which was soon sold on to the GWR.




The fictional Swimbridge & Lynton Railway was, like many lines, a triumph of optimism over reality.  Funding ran out before Lynton was reached leaving a short route from Swimbridge to

The railway connections caused the market at Arlington to grow rapidly. On market days a rake of elderly coaches and additional freight services supplement the passenger railmotor.

Today is always a market day during the summer  and Lynton Road will be bustling.  Locomotives not normally seen on the branch will appear.

Lynton Road features too many engines, and too many trains but we like running them and when exhibiting we are there to entertain. Just see how fast folks leave a layout where nothing is moving.

The signals work, and are used. Magnetic uncoupling helps us avoid the hand from the sky and causes a lot of interest.

The  fully automatic O’14 narrow gauge seems to fascinate children.

Over the years the cassette storage / fiddle yard has been added, and expanded.

The narrow gauge relayed from O 16.5 to O 14 and automated.

The lighting pelmet added, and replaced with a better one.

Magnetic uncoupling installed.

Ground signals added, although no one notices the one that works :(

Point motors changed to slow action types.

Control panel rebuilt.

Scenery completely  re foliated.

A new back scene painted.


The layout  and all 3 operators fit in 1 large estate car and is 14'6 long (12ft scenic) and 1'8 deep.